Sand Art Free

4.0 ( 6340 ratings )
Sviluppatore sergio castelani

Relax playing and painting with sand.

A simple yet entertaining application that can be used for making the time pass by faster or for creating some original masterworks.

Its a new way of making art, mixing experiences of painting and carving with real sand particles simulation.

Free version features:

- Falling sand simulation, sensitive to the accelerometer.

- Painting with black and white sand.

- Some cursor-based tools to give you more precision and control while drawing or carving. Move the cursor by sliding your finger anywhere on screen and resize it with the pinch movement.
IMPORTANT: You dont need to tap above the cursor. Slide your finger anywhere on screen and the cursor will follow it.

- Use the shake gesture to clear the entire screen.

Full version exclusive features:

- 20 sand colors
- Your current work is auto-saved to continue later when you close the application